How to overcome your Anxiety!


What happens when you get to know that someone you personally know as a jovial chap has gone whacky because of aggravating anxiety and depression? As much as it sounds relatable (because it happens, for real!) many people still go unnoticed by their family, friends, and acquaintances because all they could see the whole time was a contented-looking, beaming person and not some anxious, frazzled, fidgety, and miserable being. Anxiety is real and it cripples the victim’s ability to stay afloat in the sea of life and may or may not be the consequence of some traumatic experience. Whatever may be the groundwork, making the sufferer feel heard and validated plays a vital role in triggering the healing process.

Can you overcome anxiety that has its claws clutching you fiercely? The answer is yes, of course! How exactly can one overthrow this invisible monster and retrieve one’s mental equilibrium; This is a very pertinent and burning question? While there are several ways to combat anxiety and its repercussions, the best-practiced ways that are guaranteed to activate your healing process are shared below:


What may seem to be intimidating but is a catalyst in the course of spiritual restoration is a validation of one’s feeling… the feelings that sound ugly, are negative and have been put under the covers for long merely to avoid confrontation and conflict, both internal and external.


If a monster enters your house and you simply close your eyes in order to avoid it, do you think you would be imperceptible to it or will it spare you? Certainly, it would be an unwise thing to do. Such is the case with your fears. Anxiety reaps fears, negativity, restlessness, and much more and the apprehensions that keeping lurking in your mind are actually the greatest roadblock because once you dare to open your mental eyes and look them in the eye, they vanish like a flimsy bubble. So, another huge favor you can give yourself when faced with the demon of anxiety is confronting your doubts dauntlessly.


Well, who can undermine the far-reaching boons of practicing mindfulness and meditation in order to beat anxiety and bring alignment back into your life?

Several studies have backed up this approach since it brings calm and poise back into the victim’s life, slowly but surely. A daily ritual of connecting with nature holistically and choosing to meditate for merely 15 minutes has proven to have healed half of the anxiety in many people. Thus, without wasting any time, adopt the approach of heedful meditation and savor its perks to the full.


On this journey to self-healing and beating anxiety, every little effort you put in matters. Choosing to eat right, cutting down on sugar content, processed and fried food greatly bring down the level of anxiousness and when this approach is mingled with a consistent workout routine, the endorphins which are known as the happy hormone gets activated and the person fighting anxiety or depression starts feeling a lot rejuvenated.

But, what is the cherry on top of it all? You are likely to kick-start your oxytocin and dopamine by staying connected to healthy relations and having a hearty telephonic conversation with your friend. I bet even by reading all of this, you are already finding the light at the end of the tunnel. Hang in there, you are almost there.

In the end, never give up on yourself since you were created to be loved. Having anxiety or depression is not an uncanny thing to happen to anyone. Take it slow and in case, things do not turn out well for you, seek professional help and reclaim your mental health eventually. 

Good Luck!