How to maintain and remain in good mental health during times of crisis?

A couple of months ago, our lives have suddenly changed. We have never expected it. The Covid-19 pandemic shook the whole world in a matter of days. It has already taken 347,903 lives around the globe. The remaining survivors are locked inside their homes and struggling to get by. Confined in our own spaces, domestic violence, and mental disorder rates have also risen up. Now it’s the time, to keep our sanity in check more than ever for ourselves and our loved ones. Follow these simple steps to maintain a good mental health during these hard times.


  1. Create a routine.


Being locked inside a small space is new to us. Most of us work from home and kids are kept inside as well. This new lifestyle has hugely disrupted our day-to-day routine.


Deborah Serani, PsyD, professor of psychology at Adelphi University reveals that unstructured time can spike boredom that leads to anxiety and depression.


Apply the snowball effect on your lifestyle. Begin with smaller tasks and continue throughout the day tagging your family members along.


  1. Workout


If you have an exercise machine at home, great.

However, if you don’t you can go to YouTube and find thousands of workout videos you can follow at home. You can even join your kids in the process.


Dance workouts are ideal to pump up your heart while making you think it’s not a workout. Working out clears your head and gives you a mental and physical boost to continue the day that you’ve never thought you needed.


  1. Clean your space.


Now that you are at home, you might not have a clear white space to work. This can stress you a lot. So, clear some space and clean your workspace to avoid clutter.

  1. Have gratitude.


It is not unfair to think you have lost everything because you may have. However, try to see the silver lining. Think of this moment as a gift for you to take some time off. Do the things you couldn’t do before because of your busy schedule. If you are into music, compose something. If you are into drawing, test those skills.


  1. Look at nature.


Taking a glimpse at nature can instantly rejuvenate your mind. If you cannot go out, step into your balcony and look at the sky for a while. Take a fresh breeze to clear your head and restart.


  1. Meditate


Meditation has proven its benefits long before we’ve even discovered it. It can clear and strengthen your mind. If meditation seems too much for you, sit back and relax having deep breaths while keeping your eyes closed. This is useful to build resistance toward panic attacks as well.


  1. Connect


Social distancing doesn’t mean that you cannot connect with your loved ones. Text, call or make video calls to your friends and family to fulfill one of the major psychological needs that humans have. Seek help from anyone who listens to you if you feel overwhelmed.




All of us will pull through this. Have a positive mind and try these steps. You will definitely see a change.